The Atommik Invitational!


Due to the time many participants took to write us letters we took the advice to opt out a single Big Fish Friday event. We have opted a different style Friday format, for those teams who do not want to show their hands you do not need to participate in this. There is no extra charge for this portion of the Atommik Invitational, we have added a twist to the mix, a 2-Salmon total weight, however you can not weigh in on Friday unless you have 2 Salmon (King or Coho) and 1 of the fish must weigh 20 lbs. or more.

Friday Prefish Rules:

- Salmon Only (King or Coho)
- One Salmon must weigh 20 lbs.
- Minimum length if 1 is under 20 lbs. is 20
- You must weigh in 2 Salmon
- Only 2 Salmon allowed in cooler at weigh-in
- No 1 fish entries
- No observer needed on Friday
- You may start fishing at any time
- No Communication rule not in effect
- Weigh in time to be announced


1st - $ 400
2nd - $ 300
3rd - $ 200
4th - $ 100
5th - $ 50

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