The Atommik Invitational

My Pledge

Back in 2007 I first fished the "Tightline Event" in Bluffers Park, Canada. From the weekend I left Bluffers to come back to my hometown of Oswego I wanted to bring that layout of event home with me. After fishing this event every year and feeling the same way finally in 2012 I did just that. I built the A-TOM-MIK Invitational!!

I always wanted to add to the scene with a huge tent, a huge buffet and to create a camaraderie and an atmosphere that I felt was lost over the years with the many new events that watered down the prestige. Also it was my biggest priority to re-gain a relationship with my teams that I felt was also lost through the years between participation and coordination.

It is my goal to keep a certain peace and if I feel that peace is in jeopardy I can assure you I will remove the situation immediately. To honor a majority opinion will always remain the forefront concerning all situations involved with my A-TOM-MIK Invitational. I want all teams to feel comfortable and to have full confidence in my decision making, to date after 6 years I have removed 4 teams for various reasons concerning such. There have been times I have sat down with teams and/or captains and had a chat with them just to be sure we were on the same page with certain logistics.

I pledge my thorough guarantee I will always make the fairest decisions within my capability for a most positive outcome, thus upon any of the many scenarios that may arise within the tournament scene. I expect all to feel confident of my abilities derived from my experience as an event coordinator. Again if that Team/Coordination relationship isn't in full sync I will take whatever steps necessary to work towards just that.

I love my event, it means the world to me, I work on it year round to make it happen, I am stern with certain aspects and decisions to be sure I am putting the most I can into it. Also I intend to compete in it annually, come compete against me for the fun mostly, the camaraderie I have built and for the cool hard cash I offer !!!! But make no bones about it I am a fierce competitor and will be a strict coordinator if need be.

Lastly, thank you for buying into what I offer, and I hope you enjoy!!

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