The Atommik Invitational!


Entry for the Annual A-TOM-MIK Invitational will be done as always.

Your deposit of $300 is due in the month of April or ASAP. If you did not receive an invite and would like to fish our event drop us an E-Mail, if room is left you will get your invite.

For re-entry in the future all those who participated in the past will be grandfathered in, upon timely deposits in April. Payment in full (The remaining $500) is due in the month of May, late payments will be assessed a 20% late charge on balance ($100). No exceptions and deposit money will be refunded minus $60. We are having a grand buffet at an included cost of $20 per head, based on a 4 person team.

Please note:

- Checks or cash only, made out to Tom Allen, "Invitational" to be written on check.

- $300 Deposit due in April, if deposit is late after receiving invite, you may lose your chance to register.

- $500 of the remaining balance due in the month of May (late fee of 20% assessed- $100).

- No refunds once balance has been made, deposit -$60 if late.

- No post dated checks allowed.

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